B.Sc. in Interior Design & Management (Recognized by UGC)

Today, the field of interior design looks different than it has in the past; there is an increasing focus on the areas of ergonomic, elder, and sustainable design. Whether you are a high school student with a passion for making inside spaces both beautiful and functional or an experienced designer seeking to pursue licensure, B.Sc Degree in Interior Design & Management will put you at the forefront of these trends.

The aims of this programme is to equip the student with a well balanced mix of skills and knowledge of the theory and practice of the art of interior design & management. Subjects include a balanced mixture of specialist subjects in design and management. The programme is organized with self-directed study. The programme is made up of a series of subjects that build into the comprehensive discipline of interior design at both a two and three dimensional activity.

This is a combined Degree introducing the management science with the interior design student.

After Graduating Interior Design any of the MBAs can be followed.

This Program is Recognized by :
  1. University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka (UGC Sri Lanka)
  2. The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  3. Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABC)
  4. European Distance Education Network (EDEN)
  5. European Association of International Education (EAIE)
  6. Network of International Business Schools (NIBS)


  1. Introduction to Interior Design
  2. Materials and Methods
  3. Auto CAD
  4. Business Organization
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Business English

On successful completion of Year 1, the Diploma in Interior Design & Management is awarded.


  1. Basic Spatial Design
  2. Building Construction Standards
  3. Furniture and Furnishing
  4. Financial and Mgt. Accounting
  5. Consumer Behavior
  6. Computers & Info. Systems

On successful completion of Year 2, the Advanced Diploma in Interior Design & Management is awarded.


  1. Contemporary Issues in Spatial Design
  2. Professional Practice and Portfolio
  3. International Marketing Strategies
  4. Executive Skills
  5. Public Relations
  6. Graduate Project on Interior Design

Finally, upon successful completion of Year 3, the BSc in Interior Design & Management is awarded.

Assessment Method

Interior Design subjects are evaluated by individual assignments. Management subjects are evaluated with end of the year examinations.