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The first option at SEI Campus is the City and Guilds Diploma Program. Popular and accepted at large, City and Guilds is a discrete Diploma Qualification Provider with centers worldwide offering levels of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering, Motor Vehicle Engineering and also Quantity Survey. The course material is revised and revisited so that the students receive the proper foundation needed to continue their university education as an undergraduate at a foreign university.

Any student having successfully completed their Advanced Levels will be viable to continue their journey through the C&G beginning from IVQ Level 3. Also the completion of IVQ level 5 would make the holder qualified for the Level 6 and 7 Graduate Diploma Program which is an equivalent to the third and fourth years of a British BEng (Honours) Degree.

The Certificate level provides a broad insight to the theory and the practical training that is required by a beginner to the academic training program while the Diploma level provides targeted theory and the practical training needed by a person who is looking forward to specialize in a certain field of expertise. The Advanced Diploma stage focuses on taking the learnt skills to a higher level by training the student to work a supervisory or management role in the chosen occupation. This basically means by the end of the IVQ Level 5 stage, the student will most definitely be work ready, armed with the knowledge and insight of the relevant field.