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Say “I am an Engineer” and watch your listeners marvel at the effort you have put into pursuing such a demanding field of study. The fact that you are trained to solve problems and create innovations as a way of life gains prestige and respect from every “non-engineer” crossing your path. The gruesome training you receive is reflected in the way you think logically and your ability to analyze any critical problem. You become more focused and objective when it comes to work, characteristics that are highly sought after in the professional world. As an Engineer, your skills begin to impact in a very positive way by contributing to the society in creating something that might benefit even a smaller proportion of the population. An Engineer by action is your solution to every problem, the creator and mastermind of everything man-made.

SEI Campus Engineering

Why SEI Campus for Engineering?

Do you have a thirst for knowledge?
Are you a smart learner?
Are you interested in studying overseas?
Are you bold enough to take the first steps to become an Engineer?

Founded in 2010 and centered at Nugegoda, Success Education Institute, commonly referred to as SEI Campus has successfully branched out to Matara and Kurunegala while catering to students in need of a pathway for higher studies and selected qualifications. SEI Campus mainly outshines in its Engineering projects covering various fields such as;

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Quantity Survey

Focusing on quality, rather than quantity, the campus stands true to its word with a very prominent staff of lecturers, all of whom are highly qualified and glorified members in their respective professional communities.

Questioning as to why choose SEI Campus, the answer thus laid out simply due to the fact that it ensures quality education, providing legit resource material alongside over the top helpful lecturers and a pleasant study environment to cultivate a diligent likeness towards the subjects of interest. In addition to that, the offered Diploma programs are accepted globally and paves you a clear path for a Degree, most cost effectively. Having said that, SEI Campus is a guarantee that the initial stages of your dream is nothing but a success.

The path to Engineering

Are you an OL/AL pass out? Do you have a dream of Engineering? Do you wish to enhance career prospectus?

SEI Campus offers two different options leading to the same outcome, to become an Engineer. Both of these options are in contrast to one another yet lay a solid foundation for the journey ahead.

City and Guilds Engineering Diploma/Advanced Diploma Programs

“Over 120 years of experience- affiliated with more than 100 countries- Global Diploma provider”

The first option at SEI Campus is the City and Guilds Diploma Program. Popular and accepted at large, City and Guilds is a discrete Diploma Qualification Provider with centers worldwide offering levels of Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering, Motor Vehicle Engineering and also Quantity Survey. The course material is revised and revisited so that the students receive the proper foundation needed to continue their university education as an undergraduate at a foreign university.

Any student having successfully completed their Advanced Levels will be viable to continue their journey through the C&G beginning from IVQ Level 3. Also the completion of IVQ level 5 would make the holder qualified for the Level 6 and 7 Graduate Diploma Program which is an equivalent to the third and fourth years of a British BEng (Honours) Degree.

The Certificate level provides a broad insight to the theory and the practical training that is required by a beginner to the academic training program while the Diploma level provides targeted theory and the practical training needed by a person who is looking forward to specialize in a certain field of expertise. The Advanced Diploma stage focuses on taking the learnt skills to a higher level by training the student to work a supervisory or management role in the chosen occupation. This basically means by the end of the IVQ Level 5 stage, the student will most definitely be work ready, armed with the knowledge and insight of the relevant field.

Scotland Qualifications Authority (SQA)

“Equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study”

SQA is an international leader in education and qualifications development with over 100 years' experience in developing qualifications and qualifications systems. This program being globally accepted makes it very attractive to anyone who aims to continue their higher education overseas. Following the SQA Advanced Diploma program is a gateway that enables students to be qualified to apply for undergraduate degree programs in universities across the world.

Many universities of; Australia Canada Hong Kong USA South Korea United Kingdom New Zealand are part of the cluster that open up to the SQA qualification since this is been recognized as, “equivalent to the first two years of undergraduate study”

The beauty of this diploma program is the fact that each level extends up to six months- 12 months. This option is highly attractive for students who are right after Ordinary Levels since they will definitely receive an added advantage of being almost one year ahead of all those of their respective age groups. Also the fact that this program mainly focuses on molding up the student with the proper training and knowledge that they would need to continue their education in an overseas university is indeed a highlight.

The SQA then again offers two qualification schemes, the HNC, Higher National Certificate and HND, Higher National Diploma, both in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, which has different compositions of level and total credit points. This Higher National Qualification was developed with the assistance of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) partnering with colleges, universities and industries, hence the produced student body will have proper background knowledge of subject matter, both of theoretical and practical relevance.

The process to become an Engineer is long, hard and tiring. But in the end it will also be rewarding and worthy. Regardless of what hardships you go through, SEI Campus will be with you throughout this journey, ensuring you make the best out of their programs and that you make the right decisions for your future. Hence, SEI Campus also provides “Distant Learning” for students who are out station and find it troublesome to travel to classes regularly. They will be handed the relevant study material and all necessary guidelines and is only required to be present for examinations, proving to you that SEI Campus is more than just an institute, it is a support system.

SEI Campus is a driven institute that revolves around the success of its students. Walking the extra mile to ensure that the students receive the best guidance, SEI Campus has their best interest at heart. Aiming to produce the nation’s next generation of engineers, it is the best decision for a brighter future. From qualified lecturers to high-end lecture rooms and proper guidance materials, the campus has no shortage of excellence within the institute body. Nearing almost a decade in the educational industry, SEI Campus has had countless success stories and is undoubtedly confident of many more to come, because if there is one thing this institute believes in, that it is only greatness that will attract greatness.